Paint Party Friday Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day art lovers!  Hope you enjoy this
digital art...  created from one of my own original
painted backgrounds, photographed papers and flowers, 
and a vintage photo of my mom. 
 Feel free to share with your 
own special Valentine or 
on social media.
 Be sure and check out more fabulous art today...
I'm linking up to Paint Party Friday...
so enjoy!
Commission requests warmly welcomed!

Copyright protected...
artist Renee Mak
Fuss It Up! Designs


  1. Beautiful piece - happy Valentine's day. Valerie

  2. Hi Valerie... thanks for stopping by... hope you have a great day!!!

  3. These colors are simply awesome!!!! Happy V-D to you.

  4. I love the exuberance of your painting! It is very exciting and uplifting.

  5. The colours are truly vibrant! You mom was an adorable child!

  6. I guess you know I love this!! Wonderful colors and shapes.... spectacular....these are the kinds of paintings that make me soooo happy!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Lovely page for a treasured image! The colors pop and the image stands out beautifully

  8. What a beautiful Valentine. A really nice keep sake and moment.

    Annabelle : )


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